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Below is a small selection:

Musician Credits:

"Caught in the Magic"    
Kim O’Leary: vocals 
Fuzzbee Morse: Keyboards 
Geoff Bridgford: Percussion   
Written and produced by Kim O'Leary     
©2020 APRA / AMCOS

Kim O’Leary: vocals
Fuzzbee Morse: Keyboards
Geoff Bridgford: Percussion  
Written and produced by Kim O'Leary    
©2020 APRA / AMCOS

"Calm The Waters" (single)  
Kim O’Leary: vocals, guitars  
Written and produced by Kim O'Leary   
©2020 APRA / AMCOS

"Coming Home" Album: 

Kim O'Leary: vocals, keyboard, synths, percussion programming 1-8, acoustic guitar 2,6 + 8 
Joe Creighton: bass 1,3,4,5,6,7,8, -- drum programming 1 + 3-- vocals 1 + 5 
Brett Garsed: lead, rhythm and ambient guitars 6 + 8 
Geoff Bridgford: drums 5 + 6 
Dean O'Leary: lead and rhythm guitars 5 
Dominic Rado: violin 8 
Fuzzbee Morse: flute 4 

All songs written and produced by Kim O’Leary 
Track 1-7 mixed by Kim O’Leary and Geoff Bridgford 
Track 8 mixed by Michael Worthington 
Mastered by Michael Letho
Produced by Kim O'Leary 
©2018 APRA / AMCOS

"Dreaming Up" Album:

Kim O’Leary: vocals, keyboards, synths, drum programming, 1-9, acoustic guitar, 5,7 
Joe Creighton: bass,1,2,3,4,8 
Dean O’Leary: lead guitar,1,5,7 / rhythm guitar,1,5,7,9 / bass,7,9 
Brett Garsed: lead, rhythm and ambient guitars,3,4,8,9 
Geoff Bridgford: drums,5,9 / percussion,6 / bass,6 
Hans Lovejoy: bass arrangement,5 

All songs written by Kim O’Leary 
Mixed and Mastered by Michael Letho 
Produced by Kim O’Leary
©2011 APRA / AMCOS 

"Let It Be Me" (single)

Kim O’Leary: vocals, keyboards 
Ross Hannaford: guitars 
Gaz Soloman: bass 
Geoff Bridgford: drums, percussion