Bio Highlights

Kim was born in Melbourne Australia into a family of professional musicians. In her teens she bravely travelled to the USA to further her quest for music. Under the management of Stevie Wonder’s attorney she signed a record deal and publishing deal with Berry Gordy and she had a single reach the top 40 Billboard charts. Since then Kim has been splitting her time between the USA and Australia as an independent artist, curating her own small shows and house concerts in both countries as well as commercial venues.

Now based in Australia, Kim is currently playing on the Australian circuit so as to further develop her local following and to bring inspiration for her next album (due out late 2020). She works as a solo artist, with a band and most often as a duo with Geoff Bridgford on drums/percussion - their live duo sound is described as "like a rootsy version of White Stripes". Geoff is a renowned drummer and has toured with Goanna, Mark Gillespie, Shane Howard and other international touring artists. He brings a sophisticated groove element to Kim’s acoustic shows.

As an original singer songwriter, Kim has had four successful independent releases with the latest one called “Coming Home”. All of these releases have received high rotation national airplay on community and college radio in Australia and the USA. Kim has had other artists record her songs including John Farnham (“Every Step”), along with placement in movies and TV. With a musical style ranging between folk, jazz, pop and soul Kim has a significant international following. Since 2018 Kim has also been coaching and producing some upcoming artists - to find out more contact Kim for details.