Coaching - Bio Highlights:

I was born in Melbourne Australia into a family of professional musicians. In my teens I bravely travelled to the USA to further my quest for music. Under the management of Stevie Wonder’s attorney I signed a record deal and publishing deal with Berry Gordy and had a single reach the top 40 Billboard charts. Since then I have split my time between the USA and Australia as an independent artist, curating my own small shows and house concerts in both countries as well as commercial venues. 

I now reside permanently in Australia and after completing studies in life coaching, creative development, mindful awareness and micro business management, I received a Queensland govt grant in 2018/19 to help develop upcoming local music artists. As well as music related coaching, I now also offer general coaching specializing in Stress Management, Weight Management and Sleep disorders.

All my life I have been interested in exploring the topic of holistic mind-body health. Within that interest I have studied and read extensively the work of Catherine Ponder, Jethro Kloss, Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Brene Brown, Jesse Elder - more life coaches - more mindfulness coaches

After completing my own courses in Mindfulness, Meditation and Life Coaching, I have now developed my own techniqus - to be completed