After completing studies in life coaching, creative development, mindful awareness and micro business management, I received a Queensland govt grant in 2018/19 to help develop upcoming local music artists. As well as music related coaching, I now also offer general coaching specializing in Stress Management, Weight Management and Sleep disorders. 

While implementing certain coaching techniques for health and well being,  it’s become obvious to me that when a person does not feel physically and mentally well, then every aspect of their personal lives and career will begin to suffer.

It has been a very fulfilling experience for me to help people from all aspects of life on such a fundamental level of health and mental well being. The two most common concerns that my clients a presenting with are Stress and Sleep Disorders and also Weight Management so I am now specializing in those areas. The results are often rapid and long lasting. Sometimes just a few simple tips and lifestyle adjustments can make a world of difference and I have created my own unique formula of coaching and mindful awareness  that has proved to be most effective with my clients. You can see more of my Bio Highlights here.

To find out more: 

Public information session 

Elanora Community Centre - $10 (cash at the door) 
26 Galleon Way, Elanora QLD 4221 
Time to be announced 


Book a private half hour online Information session with Kim via Skype.  Within that session you will be given a basic overview of what Kim can offer you either in public classes (Elanora, QLD) or private online sessions.

See all private online coaching options below and please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

I'm sure I can help you make a positive change.

I  look forward to sharing my unique coaching techniques with you so that you may benefit in multiple aspects of your life. Sometimes the hardest thing is to just find that momentum and courage to forge ahead into new territory and to just make some simple positive changes. I know I can help you with that.