After completing studies in life coaching, creative development and micro business management I received a Queensland govt grant in 2018/19 to help develop upcoming local music artists. As well as music related coaching, I am now also offering general creative online coaching for women and I'm loving the experience. See my bio for more info about my background. 

If you have a passion for something that has not yet manifested, be it music or another creative venture, it may be possible to develop that into a practical reality and even a small enterprise. It takes self belief, focus, courage, time management, market research, perseverance and of course a motivation for the work. Let me help you develop more strength in those areas.  

I offer several modules of coaching:

Song writing coaching:  Let me share with you my decades of experience in writing, music publishing and producing many songs  in multiple genres.  

Creative Development:  Creativity goes in ebbs and flows, but I’ve learned how to keep my own creativity activated though many different situations, so I can share some techniques that are helpful for that.

Life Coaching (3-6 sessions minimum are recommended):  To complete a goal or project by: defining your vision, goal setting, overcoming fear of failure, identifying obstacles and creating an achievable action plan.

Social media, online promotion and branding:  I can guide you through the basics and help you get set up. Much of my experience here has come from researching and creating a successful online business where I learned everything from the ground up. To receive the recent grant, I had to show a well rounded knowledge of this, which included writing a paper about my experience with it.

If you are unclear of what module best suits you, I suggest you book a one hour session and we can start from there. A lot can be achieved in one hour (see below for bookings). After that, I will contact you via email within 24 hours to set up a convenient appointment time.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

I'm sure I can offer value to your project.

I  look forward to the opportunity to share my experience with you so that you may hopefully benefit in your own project. Sometimes the hardest thing is to just find that momentum and courage to forge ahead into uncharted territory and to just simply begin and complete a project. I know I can help you with that. Please take a moment to browse through some testimonials of my recent clients below.

Testimonials from some of Kim's clients:

"Kim was referred to me by my music teacher at school and I worked with Kim for 4 sessions. I found her so easy to talk to and she set me on a much clearer course for my music" Brie - Burleigh Heads 

“I’ve had an office admin job for 10 years (I’m a single Mum of 2) but I had a dream of starting my own fashion label. Kim guided me through a very practical process of doing research, planning my time and changing a few lifestyle habits and while I’m still working, I have my own label in three stores after just 6 months.” Belinda – Mermaid Waters

“I was getting constantly overwhelmed by worrying about other people’s opinion of my work. Kim really helped me focus away from that and onto the work. She’s a gem.”  Rianna – Varsity Lakes 

" Kim was coaching my daughter and I asked her if she could help me with my business idea (jewellery designer). We went in leaps and bounds from there and now it's fast becoming a happening small business. Thank you."  Lorraine - Tweed Heads

 “I had no idea what a life coach was and I was sceptical at first but Kim got straight to it with me and we worked out a very simple practical plan for me to finish my business plan and I think the results will be long lasting” Liz – Palm Beach 

“Kim took me from writing songs alone my room to recording a finished EP which is now playing on Triple J Unearthed! Great stuff.”  Monica - Elanora