Bio Highlights

Kim was born in Melbourne Australia. In her late teens she travelled to the USA to further her quest for music. Under the management of Stevie Wonder’s attorney she signed a record deal and publishing deal with Berry Gordy and she had a single reach the top 40 Billboard charts. Since then Kim has travelled throughout the USA, Europe and Australia performing as an independent artist.

Kim now splits her time between the USA and Australia and has been successfully curating her own shows and house concerts in both countries. She has had four successful independent releases with “Kim O’Leary and The Freezone”, “Kalizzmo”, “Dreaming Up” and “Coming Home”. All of these releases have received high rotation national airplay on community and college radio in Australia and the USA. Kim has had other artists record her songs, including placement in movies, TV and ad campaigns in Australia, the USA and UK. With a musical style ranging between folk, jazz, pop and roots Kim has a large international following. 

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